Making a complaint
A complaint can be reported verbally (by telephone or in-person) or in writing (by letter, email or social media channels) to a Prana Energy employee. Individuals can contact Prana in one of the following;

Head office 568 Glen Huntly Rd,
Elsternwick 3185, Victoria
Phone: 1800 769 266

The Complaints process
The complaints process that Prana Energy uses is as follows:

  • the initial response (being the first contact made with the complainant after the complaint is received) for a written or verbal complaint should be provided to the complainant as soon as practicable, and normally within five business days;
  • where feasible, complaints are targeted to be resolved within 21 days of being received. Any complaint not resolved within 21 days of being received should be referred to the relevant member of senior management;
  • once the resolution of a complaint has been determined, the complainant should be advised of the decision made in relation to the complaint and any further remedies available to the complainant if they are not satisfied with the outcome.

Complaints from customers are learning opportunities to assist us in improving our products, services and customer service. Where appropriate improvements or potential new procedures can be filed onto the business improvement register to be actioned by management.

The objective of this procedure is to ensure;

  • The consumer is aware of our complaint lodgment and handling processes;
  • The consumer is aware that your complaint is being investigated impartially with a balanced view based on all information or evidence provided;
  • The consumer is aware that the complaint is being considered on its merits- considering individual circumstances and needs.

Complaints will be handled by the appropriate team member at the time of complaint.

Complaint: A complaint may include an expression of dissatisfaction with a product or service offered or provided, with the sales process or salesperson, with the installation process or the customer service and
post-installation follow up. These may come in the following forms;

  • Written: Letter, email, fax
  • Verbal: Face to face, phone message
  • Review: Website, google business rating

Consumers have the right to expect that PV systems supplied by Prana Energy will;

  • Perform properly
  • Reflect the agreed contract
  • Be fit for purpose as per the specifications provided and as outlined by the signatory
  • Meet the standards the consumer would reasonably expect

Addressing the complaint: The following process will be undertaken when addressing the complaint to ensure that all relevant details have been collected and a resolution is reached within a timely manner.

  1. Address the complaint: Follow up with the customer for bringing the complaint to your attention, accept ownership of the issue and remain courteous.
  2. Record: Go through the complaint in detail to understand exactly what the problem is and record all details of the complaint.
  3. Check existing records: Consult all existing information that is available from the installation and system commissioning to ensure that you have all the facts. Ask additional questions if necessary.
  4. Solutions: Once all of the relevant facts have been established and a plan for fixing the problem has been established communicate this to the customer. Depending on what the customer is seeking (repair, replacement, refund or apology) decide if the request is reasonable and proceed with the advised resolution.
  5. Act quickly: Aim to resolve the issue quickly, if it takes a long time it may escalate further. Once a resolution has been reached ensure that timelines are communicated.
  6. Inform and follow up: Keep the customer informed if there are any delays in resolving their request. After the issue has been resolved contact the customer to see how the complaint was handled. Let them know what you are doing to avoid this issue in the future and the improvements being made to continue to deliver quality works.

Complaint receipt: Once a complaint has been lodged a receipt of the complaint must be submitted to the relevant party an estimation of expected timeline of resolution of complaint must be provided alongside the receipt. The following steps are to be conducted once receipt has been issued;

  • An investigation into the complaint is to be conducted
  • Checking in with the relevant installation team and system designer if required
  • Checking of any web-based monitoring if required
  • Site inspection organised if required

A link to the complaints handling process must be supplied with the complaint receipt. If applicable as much information about the complaint must be gathered this may be in the form of photos, videos or written statements to help assess what the potential issue may be.

Complaint resolution:  Feedback on the outcome of the complaint must be provided to the consumer within 21 days of the receipt. Where there is additional time required to provide a response the;

  • Consumer must be informed of the need for more time to complete the investigation
  • The receipt must be completed within 45 days of receipt of the complaint.

Consumer interaction: The consumer must be treated with respect throughout the complaint handling process. The consumer has the right to question and ask for clarification about their system pertaining to the specifications stated within the contract.

Customer non-resolution: If the customer is dissatisfied with the outcome of a complaint appropriate contact details for escalating the complaint either internally and externally must be provided.

  • Internal escalation: To Managing Director Jarrod Conroy
  • External escalation: applicable industry body or consumer affairs body depending on the complaint

Records: A record of all complaints that have been raised against Prana Energy must be lodged within the appropriate folder, CRM account and recorded within the business improvement register.

Privacy Complaints
If a privacy complaint is not resolved satisfactorily within 45 days of being received and there is no timely prospect of the complaint being resolved, the complainant should be made aware of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and the ability of the complainant to make a written complaint to the OAIC pursuant to section 36 (Complaints) of the Privacy Act.
Information privacy principles spelt out in privacy legislation, such as the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) are used when collecting, storing, using and disclosing personal information obtained in complaint handling.

Charges associated with handling complaints
Subject to any statutory requirements, complaints handling will be conducted at no charge to the complainant. A copy of Prana Energy’s Complaints Handling procedure will be made available to complainants on request, free of charge.

External Escalation
For further escalation complaints can be made to the Victorian Ombudsman, Consumer Affairs Victoria, Fair trading either by phone, appointment or online through the following details below.

Victorian Ombudsman
Ph: (03) 9613 6222
Address: Level 2, 570 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC, 3000

Consumer Affairs Victoria
Ph: 1300 558 181
Address: 121 Exhibition St, Melbourne

For systems installed outside Victoria the following bodies can be consulted for each state:

NSW NSW Ombudsman (
Fair Trading NSW (
QLD QLD Ombudsman (
Fair Trading QLD (
NTNT Ombudsman (
Fair Trading NT (
ACTACT Ombudsman (
WAWA Ombudsman (
Fair Trading WA (
SASA Ombudsman (
Fair Trading SA