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There is an increasing demand from corporate Australia to engage a partner that provides clear leadership and guidance for their specific renewable energy requirements. We're confident that Prana's core electrical expertise, provides this leadership and a full end to end solution for your organisation.  


In simple terms, your business is likely losing energy because of old and inefficient operational procedures, equipment and lighting. At Prana, we can provide a full audit and recommend cost-effective solutions to reduce your energy consumption. We use the following products to help reduce your energy inefficiencies:

  • LED lighting upgrade
  • Help you find cheaper energy prices
  • Energy audit monitoring
  • Increase efficiency with your refrigeration and HVAC loads with our new thermal technology


Generating free energy from the sun via solar panels has been Prana’s core business over the last decade. We are proud to be one of Australia’s most trusted solar installation companies and we guarantee high quality workmanship with your business’s solar system to generate your own power supply from the sun. All the panels and equipment that we use are of high quality and Prana’s founder Jarrod Conroy’s motto is that “we do not install any panels that we wouldn’t install on our own business”


With the reduction in costs of battery storage, more and more Australian organisations are looking at this technology to store their excess solar energy with the aim of reducing their exposure to soaring electricity prices, thus taking back control of their energy overheads. Prana works with a variety of battery storage suppliers to meet your specific energy storage requirements.


As new technologies become available, Prana helps your business adapt. For example, many businesses are now installing battery car charger stations on site for their fleets and employees with the advent of electric cars becoming mainstream.


We provide you with full access to a live streaming dashboard which enables you to measure and understand your energy consumption patterns. Our customers find this tool very viable because it allows them to gain control over their energy overheads.


We understand that your investment in energy reduction is significant and it is important for you to know that Prana’s products and services are fully warranted. Our account management process is designed to support our customers with their warranty, maintenance and any future solutions they may require.